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Sinless Burger at Selfie restaurant

Meet the unique position in the menu of the Selfie restaurant - vegetable meat burgers, which are almost impossible to distinguish from the usual!

Innovative burger is made from vegetable meat Beyond Meat, consisting of pea protein, water and oil, 100% vegan. By its consistency, smell, taste and color, it is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual, and the red color is achieved through beet juice.

A team of 40 scientists, chefs, molecular biologists and plant physiologists worked on the formula of plant meat in the innovation center of the Manhattan Beach Project in California. For more than seven years they have worked to make it as similar as possible to the present. The assembly method is similar to the process used to make pasta: the ingredients are mixed, the mixture is pressed, and then formed into the final product. The only ingredient of animal meat that was impossible to synthesize from plants was cholesterol, so it is not in the vegetable burger.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, McConald’s ex-CEO Don Thompson and many other rich people who care about the future of our planet invested in the development of vegetable meat. Then the protein giant Tyson Foods and Nestle Corporation followed them.

Restorateur Boris Zarkov and the White Rabbit Family holding share the ideas and values of responsible and environmentally friendly consumption and seek to draw the attention of society to the complex issues involved. The production of a vegetable burger consumes 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less electricity, and greenhouse gas emissions when it is produced is exactly ten times less than if it were from ordinary meat.

Try the unique sinless Burger at Selfie: it is on the menu from April 19!

Great Lent

Anatoly Kazakov, the chief of the Selfie restaurant, created a unique Lenten menu of 17 positions for those who have decided to abandon animal products for the next seven weeks.

He recommends to start a fast lunch or dinner with white mushrooms with new potatoes or strawberries with fried tofu. The menu also includes juicy kale salad with fried oyster mushrooms, baked pumpkin with quinoa and avocado, and crispy eggplants in oyster sauce.

You will have to make a difficult choice between cream soup made from cauliflower with truffle, cabbage soup with baked pear and porcini soup with potato gnocchi. What about main coгrse? There are not only cauliflower with green curry, beets with almond milk and delicious buckwheat with porcini mushrooms, but much more. Fried avocados in Selfie are served with pumpkin gnocchi and spicy chimichurri sauce, and Jerusalem artichoke meatballs are seasoned with coconut sauce.

Anatoly Kazakov also took care of the lean desserts by cooking baked plums with coconut ice cream, a delicate coconut cream with chickpea meringue and a delicious apple mille, decorated with rice milk ice cream. Your Fast will be comfortable and tasteful!

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New set from Anatoly Kazakov «Edible/Non-edible»

Responsible (ethical) consumption is a social phenomenon that appeared as a response to the growing concern of developed countries’ people about the environmental and social problems of the planet.

In Russia, ethical consumption is still in its infancy. Chefs promoting this global trend in our country are becoming the mouthpieces of social responsibility. The task of the chef who is on this path is to use organic products, minimize kitchen leftovers and be more attentive to their processing.

Anatoly Kazakov, chef of the restaurant Selfie, presents a new set of "Edible / Non-edible", created in accordance with all the canons of responsible consumption. For example, Anatoly cooks mushroom pate from mushroom peels, duck fat and chicken skin, that accumulate in the kitchen. In the vegetable appetizer he uses cabbage stalks, and he leaves only chitin shell from the shrimp. The cod's neck (triangle with a fin), which at best is used for broths, turns into an independent dish here: it turns out that it has a very special taste and texture.

This set is about ethical consumption for you, if you are attentive to your nutrition and want to transfer the planet to your children clean.



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