Selfie Restaurant
Moscow, Novinsky boulevard, 31 (Novinsky shopping centre, 2nd floor)
+7 (495) 995-85-03

Set "Roots"

Anatoly Kazakov invites you to the Selfie restaurant for the presentation of a new author's set. This time the chef took as a basis rare root crops that were grown in Russia before Peter's import of potatoes from the Netherlands.

- Rutabagas, turnips and honey
- Topinambur, horseradish and sea urchin
- White asparagus, caviar and cheese
- White beetroot, scallop and bottarga
- Black radish, foie gras ryazhenka and buckwheat honey
- Celery root, crab and spelt
- Scorzonera, scallop and sorrel
- Carrots, smoked catfish, cumin and feijoa
- Parsnips, lamb's tongue and sea-buckthorn
- Sweet potatoes, cottage cheese and clabber
- Salsify and feijoa



№65 in The World’s Best Restaurants Rating

In Singapore was just announced part of the list of The World’s Best Restaurants — specifically, places from 51 to 120. Our restaurant ranked 65th. We are 5 steps closer to the top. The eyes of the entire global gastronomic community are turned to our restaurant, it is an honor and responsibility. Congratulations to the master virtuoso Anatoly Kazakov, the founder of the White Rabbit Family Boris Zarkov, manager Liya Kossa and the whole team with this victory. It is paid by daily hard work, strategic work and of course the uncompromising talent of Anatoly Kazakov. Thanks to everyone who was for us, thanks to everyone who was against us! 

Visa for White Rabbit Family

To the end of 2019 there are special conditions for holders of premium Visa cards of Russian banks: 10% discount for Visa Platinum and Visa Signature cards and 15% for Visa Infinite cards. The discount is offered only if payment of the total amount is not more than 8 guests and not aggregated with the discount cards in WRF.


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