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Heart dessert



Caramelized milk mousse, white chocolate velour, raspberry, chocolate crumble
Price: 470 rubles
Available for order in the restaurant on February 14
In the evening, live music will be playing at the restaurant.

Christmas menu at Selfie restaurant


Dear guests, we are pleased to announce that the Christmas menu will be available for order at the restaurant from December 18 to January 14.

Terms of Christmas menu delivery:

  • Orders for the Christmas menu can be placed until December 29.

  • Orders must be placed no later than two days before your celebration date.

  • The orders will be delivered on December 29, 30, and 31.

  • A 20% discount with self-pickup does not apply to the Christmas menu.



  • Olivier salad with quail (500g) - 3,625 rubles

  • Olivier salad with crab (500g) - 4,500 rubles

  • Goose pate with black chanterelles - 950 rubles

  • Trout in cranberry sauce with sorrel - 1,350 rubles

  • Roast beef with baked sweet pepper - 1,200 rubles

  • Chateaubriand with sour coriander, au gratin potatoes, and pepper sauce (100g) - 2,100 rubles

  • Duck with fried pear and feijoa - 5,400 rubles

  • Black cod tail with sour emmer wheat and fried crayfish sauce - 3,600 rubles

  • Apple pie 1 kg - 3,500 rubles

  • Pavlova with mandarins and kumquats 1 kg - 3,500 rubles

  • Basque cheesecake 1 kg - 3,500 rubles

  • Honey cake with black currant  1 kg - 3,500 rubles

Order and request more details at +7 968 792 09 65

Visit delivery website


Truffle Dinner at Selfie Restaurant


We’d like to invite you to an exclusive food event: the Truffle Dinner at Selfie Restaurant, prepared under the guidance of the talented chef Anatoly Kazakov. It will be an evening full of magic and pleasure, where culinary masterpieces are combined with exquisite wines, creating a unique experience for your palate.

During this dinner, you will be enjoying a unique menu, where each dish is prepared with truffles, giving it an incomparable aroma and taste. Chef Anatoly Kazakov will bring his signature approach to each dish, creating true pieces of culinary art. All dishes will be accompanied by select wines, curated by wine expert Svetlana Dobrynina.

- The ticket price of the Truffle Dinner is 12,000 rubles.

- Additionally, you can order wine pairing for 8,000 rubles.

To save your spot at this unique event, call +7 (499) 888-16-81 or follow the link to purchase tickets on the website

Seating is limited: don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of exquisite cuisine and outstanding wines.


Sühring brothers’ world tour


July 26, Selfie held a "six-hand" gastronomic dinner


Thomas and Matthias Sühring, chefs of a Michelin-starred restaurant Sühring (Bangkok), brought their version of modern German cuisine to Moscow. Unique mixture of traditional flavors and modern trends, which brought the chefs to a 54th place in the TOP-100 best restaurants in the world (The World's Best Restaurants), was perfectly complemented by the dishes of Anatoly Kazakov, chef of the Selfie.


The menu included tiny buns with a taste of German pretzels and mini-beer, petite-size chicken salad and a complex, ikebana-like dish made of Frankfurt green sauce and smoked eel. Thomas and Matthias Sühring turned simple and brutal German cuisine into a fascinating mosaic of textures and tastes.


Anatoly Kazakov participated in a gastronomic dinner, giving guests a vivid impression of new combinations of products. Young zucchini and sheep cheese, a king crab and soaked apples, a stewed rib and gooseberries later appeared in every guest’s Instagram.


Natural mineral water Evian® and exquisite Courvoisier cognacs accompanied the dinner and revealed taste and aroma of author's dishes in a new way.


Smelt season is opened


Selfie restaraunt is the first one to open the season of White sea's smelt! Fresh, with a smell of a cucumber - spring catch is already on the menu. Forshmak, brioche, fresh-soup, fried smelt - with spelt and green onion or with smoked potato and whitefish roe.

Your private events - in Selfie


Selfie is ideal venue to hire for events of any format: from birthdays parties and weddings to business presentations.

A unique signature menu by Chef Anatoly Kazakov and an individually selected wine list will adorn your event, while three spectacular halls and a summer terrace will be great decorations for the most precious moments.

Contact us:

8 (495) 995 85 03


Spring update in Selfie!


Our Chef Anatoly Kazakov has updated the menu for the new season. Morels and smelt are in the forefront.


Let's start with the most fascinating:

• Nettle creamy soup with fried morels;

• Smelt with wild garlic, new potatoes and fresh horseradish;

• Rostov duck with morels and prunes.


Summer is just around the corner, let's pay attention to light salads and cold snacks:

• Strawberries, young cheese, herbs and pumpkin seeds;

• Stracciatella with tomato caviar and birch water.


Changes have even affected drinks: Raspberry-Strawberry lemonade is a spring must-try.

We are waiting for you in Selfie!


Selfie with non-alcoholic wines


The pleasure of good wines is available to our guests during Lent. We share the sommelier's recommendations in the category "Alcohol-free Wine & Juices", 750 ml.

There are 4 interesting specimens ahead.

Let's start with sparkling - Cava Zero. Codorniu / Catalunya, Spain. Refreshing wine from one of the most famous producers Cava.

Let's continue with our favorite Riesling. Dr. Zenzen / Rhinehessen, Germany 2020, the varietal characteristics are remarkably felt. Light natural sweetness in the finish, good acidity, excellent balance. Highly recommended!

Let's not set aside the red dry non-alco wine Le Naturel Tinto - Vintae / Navarra, Spain. Juicy and spicy non-alcoholic grenache.

And the most impressive lot is not wine, but juice. Incredibly concentrated taste of Hofgarten Saft Sauvignon Blanc - Sattlerhof / Styria, Austria.

Lent in SELFIE


Selfie Chef Anatoly Kazakov has traditionally focused on local farmers products to create our Lenten dishes.


Specialties include:

-White milk mushrooms with sour cream and cucumber tartare,

-Green salad with red apple and red oranges

-Lenten soups for your choice

-Root vegetable gratin with Jerusalem artichoke mousse

-Linguine with oyster mushroom.


Finally, our wonderful desserts: Cherry pie with almond ice cream and Pavlova dessert with mango.


Learn about our full menu here:


Gift cards SELFIE


Now you can gift a visit to Selfie online.

The electronic gift cards are available for your convenience.


Terms and conditions

The Best Chef Awards 2021


Selfie Chef Anatoly Kazakov traditionally was named in the top 100 best chefs in the world and took 90th place!


On September the 15th, the international rating results "The Best Chef Awards 2021" were solemnly announced in Amsterdam. It was formed by a vote of over 100 members of industry professionals jury - chefs, sommeliers, well-known restaurant critics and food photographers from all over the world!

Travel to Russia


Each family has its way of making pancakes in every corner of Russia. In one region people make pancakes on kefir, in another  – on fermented baked milk. Pancakes with sea filling are preferred by the Northern regions. Pancakes with trout, sour cream and cucumber tartare is a favorite recipe of the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. Wheat pancakes with sturgeon caviar or coho salmon caviar are beloved in the Astrakhan province, and Russians in Krasnodar prefer buckwheat pancakes with sour cream or raspberry jam. Anatoly Kazakov has collected all the best in one menu!


Set "Roots"


Anatoly Kazakov invites you to the Selfie restaurant for the presentation of a new author's set. This time the chef took as a basis rare root crops that were grown in Russia before Peter's import of potatoes from the Netherlands.

- Rutabagas, turnips and honey
- Topinambur, horseradish and sea urchin
- White asparagus, caviar and cheese
- White beetroot, scallop and bottarga
- Black radish, foie gras ryazhenka and buckwheat honey
- Celery root, crab and spelt
- Scorzonera, scallop and sorrel
- Carrots, smoked catfish, cumin and feijoa
- Parsnips, lamb's tongue and sea-buckthorn
- Sweet potatoes, cottage cheese and clabber
- Salsify and feijoa



Maxim Gilbert & Anatoly Kazakov


On October 30, a 4-hand dinner will be held at Selfie Restaurant in conjunction with Écriture Restaurant (2 ** Michelin stars), Hong Kong. Écriture is a restaurant where western gastronomy meets eastern philosophy.

Chef Maxim Gilbert offers guests a new look at French cuisine, combining it with unsurpassed Japanese products.

Together with Anatoly Kazakov this evening they will present an exclusive menu designed specifically for dinner at Selfie.

Set cost 10,000 rubles
You can reserve a table by going to the booking form or by calling +7 (495) 995-85-03.

Seasonal Menu in Selfie


The sensations that food brings are most important. This summer we have prepared dishes that will make you feel more than just taste.

If you miss the Black Sea coast, try sweet-salty mussels with crispy young cabbage and soft cream cheese.
Fried ciabatta with chanterelles and parmesan will help to awaken all sensory organs. The crunch of fried ciabatta, the salty tenderness of parmesan mousse and the bright taste of chanterelles create an amazing gastronomic combination.
The rib is one of the most delicious parts of the calf. Young zucchini and seasonal chanterelles help the taste unfold, making the dish unforgettable, and sweetish sauce combines them with juicy fibers.
A tender poached egg and fried chanterelles are complemented by a young grilled zucchini. Awesome fresh salad, in which there is not a single extra note.
Summer, heat, somewhere nearby a river is rustling - wild strawberries with vanilla ice cream alone will bring you back to childhood and remind you of carefree days and will be a great end to dinner.

 You can booking  by phone +7 (495) 995-85-03.


№65 in The World’s Best Restaurants Rating


In Singapore was just announced part of the list of The World’s Best Restaurants — specifically, places from 51 to 120. Our restaurant ranked 65th. We are 5 steps closer to the top. The eyes of the entire global gastronomic community are turned to our restaurant, it is an honor and responsibility. Congratulations to the master virtuoso Anatoly Kazakov, the founder of the White Rabbit Family Boris Zarkov, manager Liya Kossa and the whole team with this victory. It is paid by daily hard work, strategic work and of course the uncompromising talent of Anatoly Kazakov. Thanks to everyone who was for us, thanks to everyone who was against us! 



On April 28, on Easter Sunday, all guests will receive compliments in a way of traditional dishes. Get ready to enjoy Easter cakes, quail eggs, “paskha” (cottage cheese in white chocolate icing) and kvass! Anatoly Kazakov, the Chef of Selfie restaurant, from April 25, begins selling branded Easter cakes, both small (350 g, cost 320 rubles) and large (700 g, 480 rubles).
Congratulations on a bright holiday!

Sinless Burger at Selfie restaurant


Meet the unique position in the menu of the Selfie restaurant - vegetable meat burgers, which are almost impossible to distinguish from the usual!

Innovative burger is made from vegetable meat Beyond Meat, consisting of pea protein, water and oil, 100% vegan. By its consistency, smell, taste and color, it is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual, and the red color is achieved through beet juice.

A team of 40 scientists, chefs, molecular biologists and plant physiologists worked on the formula of plant meat in the innovation center of the Manhattan Beach Project in California. For more than seven years they have worked to make it as similar as possible to the present. The assembly method is similar to the process used to make pasta: the ingredients are mixed, the mixture is pressed, and then formed into the final product. The only ingredient of animal meat that was impossible to synthesize from plants was cholesterol, so it is not in the vegetable burger.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, McConald’s ex-CEO Don Thompson and many other rich people who care about the future of our planet invested in the development of vegetable meat. Then the protein giant Tyson Foods and Nestle Corporation followed them.

Restorateur Boris Zarkov and the White Rabbit Family holding share the ideas and values of responsible and environmentally friendly consumption and seek to draw the attention of society to the complex issues involved. The production of a vegetable burger consumes 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less electricity, and greenhouse gas emissions when it is produced is exactly ten times less than if it were from ordinary meat.

Try the unique sinless Burger at Selfie: it is on the menu from April 19!

José Avillez tour


On April 10th at Selfie restaurant will be a dinner prepared by José Avillez, the chef of the famous Lisbon restaurant Belcanto (2 Michelin stars), and Anatoly Kazakov, the chef of the Selfie restaurant (70-th in the list of The World’s Best Restaurants).

José Avillez has repeatedly been recognized as the “chef of the year”, has published three books on cooking, has released several seasons of a TV show and has a radio program in which he shares recipes. He began his journey with an internship with the French chef Antoine Westermann, winner of three Michelin stars. Next were numerous schools, trainings and courses, as well as work in the kitchen of the legendary Spanish restaurant El Bulli, which was repeatedly recognized as the best in the world. He took the position of the chef for the first time in 2008 at the Portuguese restaurant Tavares and a year later he brought here the cherished star. Then José began producing his own brand of wine, and in 2012 he opened the restaurant Belcanto.

Belcanto is a restaurant with history: it was opened in the historical center of Lisbon, in the area of Chiado, in 1958, and quickly conquered the capital's elite. In 2012, José Avillez repaired it and completely updated. Here came the awards: in the same year, the first Michelin star was received, in 2014 - the second, in 2015 Belcanto was included in the list of the 100 best restaurants in the world. Exquisite Portuguese cuisine in an exclusive chamber interior (there are only ten tables in the restaurant) takes you from the old romantic Chiado to the future.

On April 10, we invite you to a gastronomic dinner, where the talents of two young chefs of the best restaurants in the world will unite.

You can buy tickets for the event in the restaurant or by phone +7 (495) 995-85-03.

Great Lent


Anatoly Kazakov, the chief of the Selfie restaurant, created a unique Lenten menu of 17 positions for those who have decided to abandon animal products for the next seven weeks.

He recommends to start a fast lunch or dinner with white mushrooms with new potatoes or strawberries with fried tofu. The menu also includes juicy kale salad with fried oyster mushrooms, baked pumpkin with quinoa and avocado, and crispy eggplants in oyster sauce.

You will have to make a difficult choice between cream soup made from cauliflower with truffle, cabbage soup with baked pear and porcini soup with potato gnocchi. What about main coгrse? There are not only cauliflower with green curry, beets with almond milk and delicious buckwheat with porcini mushrooms, but much more. Fried avocados in Selfie are served with pumpkin gnocchi and spicy chimichurri sauce, and Jerusalem artichoke meatballs are seasoned with coconut sauce.

Anatoly Kazakov also took care of the lean desserts by cooking baked plums with coconut ice cream, a delicate coconut cream with chickpea meringue and a delicious apple mille, decorated with rice milk ice cream. Your Fast will be comfortable and tasteful!

You can reserve a table by going to the booking form or by calling +7 495 995-85-03.

Maslenitsa in Selfie


From 4 to 10 March Selfie invites you to celebrate Maslenitsa!

 The menu of the restaurant for this event includes many options for pancakes: wheat, buckwheat, mixed with kefir. You can add any stuffing to them: from trout caviar to forshmak, from buckwheat honey to strawberry jam. The chef Anatoly Kazakov recommends some positions in the brand versions: for example, buckwheat bliny with poached egg and fried spinach, wheat bliny- with lightly salted salmon, cucumber and smoked sour cream, and pancakes – with pickled cowberries. For dessert you should order crepe layer cake with cottage cheese and blueberries.

You can book a table by going to the booking form or by calling +7 (495) 995-85-03.

New set from Anatoly Kazakov «Edible/Non-edible»


Responsible (ethical) consumption is a social phenomenon that appeared as a response to the growing concern of developed countries’ people about the environmental and social problems of the planet.

In Russia, ethical consumption is still in its infancy. Chefs promoting this global trend in our country are becoming the mouthpieces of social responsibility. The task of the chef who is on this path is to use organic products, minimize kitchen leftovers and be more attentive to their processing.

Anatoly Kazakov, chef of the restaurant Selfie, presents a new set of "Edible / Non-edible", created in accordance with all the canons of responsible consumption. For example, Anatoly cooks mushroom pate from mushroom peels, duck fat and chicken skin, that accumulate in the kitchen. In the vegetable appetizer he uses cabbage stalks, and he leaves only chitin shell from the shrimp. The cod's neck (triangle with a fin), which at best is used for broths, turns into an independent dish here: it turns out that it has a very special taste and texture.

This set is about ethical consumption for you, if you are attentive to your nutrition and want to transfer the planet to your children clean.



Gastronomic Experience by Evian & Badoit with Thierry Marx and Anatoly Kazakov


On November 28, a unique gastronomic dinner occured at Selfie with a specially invited guest from France - Сhef Thierry Marx, the owner of two Michelin stars. Since 2010 he has headed the kitchen of the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel, where the restaurants «Sur-mesure by Thierry Marx» and «Le Camélie» are working under his direction.

This evening guests of the Selfie restaurant were treated to Sakhalin scallops with moistened apples and truffles, kari crab with beluga caviar, soy risotto with oyster and black truffle, crab bisque with ginger oil. For dessert Thierry Marks and Anatoly Kazakov presented gluten-free chocolate saber and honeysuckle with koumiss and pine cones. A gastronomic dinner was accompanied by non-alcoholic cocktails based on mineral waters Evian and Badoit.

Visa for White Rabbit Family


To the end of 2020 there are special conditions for holders of premium Visa cards of Russian banks: 10% discount for Visa Platinum and Visa Signature cards and 15% for Visa Infinite cards. The discount is offered only if payment of the total amount is not more than 8 guests and not aggregated with the discount cards in WRF.


Manoella Buffara & Anatoly Kazakov


Selfie welcomes the star of Latin American gastronomy. 

October 13 the restaurant Selfie will host a gastronomic dinner "in four hands" with the participation of Anatoly Kazakov and Manoella Buffara. Together, first-class chefs will present an author's menu which combines local products and current trends. 

Manoella Buffara is the chef of the restaurant Manu (Curitiba, Brazil). Manuela’s personal style combines traditional tastes of the Brazilian cuisine with the latest cooking technologies. Anatoly Kazakov is the chef of the restaurant Selfie (№70 in top-100 in The World's Best Restaurants). Kazakov is a bright spokesman of the new creative cuisine.

Please book your tickets directly at the restaurant or by phone  +7 (495) 995-85-03. Please mind that the number of tickets is limited.

№70 in The World’s 100 Best Restaurants


Most famous and expected restaurant rating published


Higher and higher! 18 points upwards at once: this year Selfie is on the 70th line in The World’s 100 Best Restaurants. The prestigious international rating The World's Best Restaurants announced the results of 2018: Russian gastronomy has received global recognition.


Selfie and Anatoly Kazakov (chef) are surrounded by Kike Dacosta, the legend of Spanish gastronomy (№68), and the frontmen of the Scandinavian trend — Relae (№71). According to the jury, Selfie is still a total must have for every gourmet.

Sühring brothers’ tour


Selfie welcomes Sühring, the Michelin-starred restaurant (Bangkok)


On the 26th of July star chefs Thomas and Matthias Sühring will cook a festive dinner together with Anatoly Kazakov at Selfie. This event is meant to be an honoring celebration of the victory in The World's 50 Best Restaurants.


The chefs of the fashionable Bangkok Michelin-starred restaurant, which is also №4 in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants and №54 in the world ranking, will come to Moscow to congratulate Selfie with the 70th place in the TOP 100 best restaurants in the world.


Sühring (Bangkok, Thailand) is a modern German cuisine restaurant with handmade bread, traditional pickles made with family recipes, and an open kitchen. Thomas and Matthias cook emotional and witty food and carefully keep the unique taste of traditional German dishes. This elegant dinner will leave Selfie guests unique impressions!


Easy Parking — Valet parking!


Enjoy the dinner while your car is parked - and forget about the tow trucks.                                                                                                                                                                

Selfie represents Valet Parking service: every evening, from Tuesday to Saturday - except for holidays - free parking for your car when booking a table in a restaurant.

Call us!

Selfie Birthday Party


On November 21, we celebrate our birthday with dinner from three best chefs                                                                                                                             

This Day will be remembered for amateurs and professionals of gastronomy. We invited Yannick Allenau from the Paris restaurant Ledoyen Pavilion, marked by three Michelin stars. Vladimir Mukhin from White Rabbit, which ranks 23rd in the ranking of the best restaurants in the world. And Anatoly Kazakov, Chief Selfie, who has the 88th line in the top 100.

A special guest of the holiday will be the group the Moral Code.

General partner of the event Courvoisier Cognac House

«White Truffle»


On November 20, we do a charity dinner by Maxim Kashirin and the «Life Line» Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The charity dinner White Truffle is an important tradition for Moscow and the world, started by Maxim Kashirin. Eleven years, he personally brings from Alba white truffles for dinner with a charity auction. This year we are happy to welcome our friends to «Selfie». Together with the «Line of Life» foundation, we can raise funds for children in need of urgent treatment.

Truffle Season


A unique truffle set, worth a try!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Until December 15, our guests can appreciate a set in which the truffles are just as much as necessary.

Set menu:

  • Pate from duck, black truffle and chestnut honey
  • Cauliflower, sheep cheese and white truffle
  • Ravioli with sweet potato and black truffle
  • Tuna, crab sauce and potato dumplings
  • Duck, Jerusalem artichoke and black truffle
  • Persimmon, chestnut and white truffle

The cost is 6000 rubles.

Josean Alija


September 30th we welcome the chef of Spanish restaurant «Nerua», rated with Michelin star and 56th place of world's top-100 restaurants.

Josean Alija is one of the most famous chefs of the Basque Country. He has pushed the boundaries of traditional Spanish cuisine and continues to do this every day. 

Tomatoes, fragrant herbs and capers juice, shrimp consomme with coconut jelly and curry, lamb's tongue with fried cauliflower creme and sherry — his dishes are considered an example of true minimalism and, at the same time, officially recognized as beautiful and artistic. Not for nothing Josean Alija's restaurant is located at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

At the set-menu Alija presents at Selfie together with Anatoly Kazakov there are ten courses and a lot of unforgettable impressions. Cocktails made with Courvoiser cognac will be the gastronomic accompaniment for the evening.

Ticket booking: +7 (495) 995-85-03

Summer menu


New dishes by Anatoly Kazakov. Starring: wild strawberries, chanterelles, cherries, nectarines, young almonds...                                                                                                                                                                    

Feel the taste of summer in the new menu! Ripe berries & juicy fruits - dishes made by Anatoly Kazakov include the most interesting and tasty combinations. Creamy strachatella is even more soft with sweet blueberries, a green salad with quail is tastier and brighter with cherries and young almonds, and Napoleon cake is truly unforgettable with forest strawberries.

Fragrant chanterelles present in several dishes of the summer menu: ravioli with burrata, halibut with young cabbage. Feeling home with fried chanterelles with parsley and young onion. For the first time, our guests may taste a yeanling with spinach, fried with ajika. And Your favorite wagashi are filled with ripe blueberries until the end of summer.

Welcome to the terrace!


Selfie goes to fresh air and invites you to visit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Outdoors with fresh cousin of Anatoly Kazakov! In new menu presents are cold soups and fresh berries, seasonal and local products! We updated the bar menu with lemonades and unique cocktails.
Classic and exotic hookahs on the terrace will be pleased with interesting aromas, and the steam baths will calm down after a busy day.

Welcome to Selfie!!

Вместе с криптобосс казино можно не просто расслабиться и хорошо отдохнуть, но еще и заработать

88-th of TOP-100 World Restaurants


Selfie has become one of The World's Best Restaurants according to international The World's 50 Best Restaurants rating system.                                                                                                                               

The World's 50 Best Restaurants - prestigious international award, which annually makes a list of top 100 best restaurants in the world. The jury is represented by over 900 experts from 27 regions of the world, that are visiting restaurants anonymusly. In year 2017 the members of the jury put Moscow-based Selfesraurant on the 88-th position in the list of the best, placing it on a par with such legendary places as The Frech Laundry, Quique Dacosta, Fäviken.

Lenten menu


Author's dishes, farm products, delicious combinations.

It will be interesting: Anatoly Kazakov is mixing soaked strawberry with fried tofu and lavanda honey to prepare a green salad. He adds smoked cherkess pear into the fresh cabbage shchi (with porcini) to add that tasty smell of fire. Then, he cooks lush juicy cutlets, made of artichokes, adding cabbage and Cimichurri sause.

New lenten menu: starting with homemade salad with Baku potatoes, salted mushrooms and light-salted cucumbers, and not ending with the extraordinary pumpkin soup (with the coconut milk). Also on the menu: baked plums, papaya with aloe jelly, and, the the great hit: linguini with oyster mushroom, coconut sause and parsley. Must taste!

Children's holiday in february!


Poster children's parties specify in the call +7 (495) 995-85-03 andinfo@selfiemoscow.ru



Our restaurant allows you to bring your own wine or any other strong alcochol and pay only a corkage fee.

Also there's a wonderful opportunity to get wine at a reasonable price in the wine shop Grand Cru, that is situated right under our restaurant. Selfie-not only delicious, but profitable as well.



New set by Anotoliy Kazakov is built not only on gastronomical experiments, but also on his childhood memories, jokes and last but not least on his inventions in cookery.

A set starts from buckwheat and cucumber, whitefish caviar and apple.You can taste an incredibly mild bread made from buckwheat flour. Than you can be delighted with toast and cheese, sea urchin roe and horseradish. The top of our menu is scallop, a unique shellfish, and caviar, bone marrow and cabbage.

It is the first time we have ever used gastronomical brands of Russia. Goods that succided the most and brought popularity to the place where they were produced. All in all according to European standarts these gastronomical brands deserve the DOC status.

Set is available from 6 pm to 11 pm each day. Price-6000 rubles.



The holidays continue! 14th and 23rd of February, 8th of March and even Maslenitsa - there will be many reasons ahead to meet with friends at your favourite restaurant. Specially for large groups of friends, Selfie head chef Anatoly Kazakov has introduced an additional chapter to the menu.

The hit of the “Group dishes” is the duck, roasted with apples, which the chef serves with white cherry sauce. The Rostov farm duck is enough at least for five persons. For a larger group there is a choice of lamb or wild sea bass baked whole. The Stavropol lamb shoulder is baked on coal and served with potato gratin. And the wild sea bass can be ordered in two variants: baked in a salt shell or in an envelope with sun-dried tomatoes and white wine.

In order to avoid the wait for large meals to be prepared, it’s better to order them beforehand. That way, when meeting with your friends, the only remaining thing will be to choose cocktails or wine from the updated winter list. However, there is no need to wait for holidays to invite friends to a restaurant - the more often you meet, the closer spring will be.



And for those who is already looking forward to holidays we have got a Christmas duck with pickled plum and white mushrooms and suckling pig with elderberry sauce and Anton apples. 



The dive begins!

In the seashore sand, 10-12 metres underwater, we have found juicy spisula clams, soaked in the aroma of the sea. From the depth of 30 metres we lifted the tender Sakhalin scallop. At the height of 150m below sea level we placed octopus traps. We descended 400m for the sweet comb shrimp… The deeper - the more exquisite the taste. Anatoliy Kazakov unvocers the secrets of the seas and oceans in the new gastronomic menu “Below sea level”.



It’s harvest time at Selfie! Zucchini, sweet carrot and cauliflower straight from the garden. Juicy garden apples and forrest bilberry. And, of course, mushrooms - fresh, salted, marinated. All the riches of Moscow’s suburban villages are collected in the new seasonal menu.

It’s perfect time to try the salad with young green peas, crunchy pickles, fried white milk mushrooms, marinated honey agarics and boletus, seasoned with fragrant extra virgin oil. Or to eat a lake trout with chanterelles, yellow squash with mussels or tender thyme-marinated veal cheeks with cauliflower blanched in milk. And for dessert there is pie with a heap of fresh bilberry and bilberry ice cream.


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